Named Newest Lululemon Ambassador

Named Newest Lululemon Ambassador

I am excited to announce that Lululemon has just named me Alexis Rose as their newest Ambassador!

People only see where you are currently but very few are there for the journey.
Last night was one of those moments where I had to literally STOP talking, giving hugs, taking pictures, drinking and just sit down and take it ALL in.

To see a ceiling to floor photo of you in a store like Lululemon is something only feelings can describe, a breathtaking newly redesigned, high volume store is another element of breathtaking.
I’m blessed, humbled and grateful for all opportunities. I can’t wait until the photo actually gets put in, another reason to celebrate!! ?
Thank you to the crew of KOP Lululemon for EVERYTHING! You make us feel valued, loved & protected? #community #family

Thank you to EVERYONE that continues to support me, uplift me, and love on me. My clients that come to class every week no matter where I’m teaching, YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE. No matter how many times I say thank you for allowing me to live out my dreams, it’ll never be enough. WITHOUT YOU THERE IS NO PLATFORM FOR ME. ♥️? #rozeclub

“An athlete is not defined by their height, shape or weight but defined by their determination and consistency.”- A.Rose

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